{Classical Conversations} Memory Work Tri-board

Now that Mia’s reading more and Ty’s officially enrolled with our county, we will put time and effort into committing our CC Memory Work to…well…memory. In an effort to keep everyone occupied and as independent as possible, we will be using a tri-board to display the week’s memory work. The board is great because it stands alone, is portable, and can be folded up and stored when we’re not using it.

There are many ways to design a memory work board, but this is how I chose to do it.


For history and science, I included room for the snippets.  We don’t own timeline cards so I’ll put a running list for review on one side and the current week on the other.  The first semester of inserts that I created can be found on CC Connected if you’re a member you can create your own. 

If you have a link to a memory tool or board you use, feel free to share a link to it in the comments.

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  1. Great! It’s our first year in CC and I love to peek into how others are doing this at home. What is your username for CC connected? I would love to find your creations!

  2. This is wonderful! This is our 2nd year w/ CC, and I think this will help our memory work assignments.

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