Asparagus Redemption


20170410 asparagus sm

That’s what I thought when I happened to walk around the side of our house a couple weeks ago and saw the above disaster scene. This is evidence that we 1) never got around to clearing out the asparagus bed last fall and 2) let it go to seed before actually harvesting any this spring. Of all the things we grow, the perennials are what are supposed to sustain us (physically and mentally) even when we have a bad annual season. This sight was so depressing because all we had to do was go out and cut the asparagus, and we couldn’t even get that right!

Fortunately, like a lot of more weighty life issues than our asparagus bed, the story wasn’t over. Hubby went out and leveled all of last year’s garden, including the asparagus bed. I was becoming content to just have a re-do next year, when I ventured out and discovered that asparagus season wasn’t actually over, and the roots were still shooting up these fresh, green promises of redemption.

20170502 asparagus

I find myself (and often times others…which is super NOT helpful) reacting to our situation (or our kids’ behaviors) like this is the end of the story. It’s depressing and paralyzing. However, my head is trying to remind my heart that my faith says that the story of us and our kids isn’t over, and there’s a promise that there will be a happy ending. Maybe here on earth (like my asparagus), but definitely when Jesus restores all that has fallen. My heart is asking my head if it’s okay to continue on as snarky and sarcastic (as opposed to grace-filled and compassionate) while the story still sucks a little. Maybe the two pairs aren’t mutually exclusive?

Do you have a situation in your life where you need a reminder that the story isn’t over?

P.S. I have a new obsession with Facebook Live. It’s just so much more convenient than having to be at a computer to type out all of my thoughts (I hate typing on mobile devices, and I’m pretty much always on the go). I’ve been mostly reserving my Live-ness to specific groups where people are more captive audiences more by choice, but I’m starting to share some of the love on the page for this blog. If you’re not following the action there, feel free to pop over. I went live about grain-free breakfast this morning.

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