The 6th Love Language


I think I discovered my new love language—a weekend alone at home. (With 2 other extended family units living on the other side of the kitchen, I’m not technically “alone,” but I have no humans for whom I am responsible besides moi. This pseudo-alone situation also feeds my extrovertedness where I need other people, for whom I am NOT responsible, to get energy.)

Real quick. If you don’t know your love language, click here to find out.

I’ve done plenty of weekends away, but this home alone thing has been a whole new kind of awesome. Hubby took the kids out of town for the long weekend to help his parents get settled in their new house. I stayed behind having already scheduled a bunch of dōTERRA events in an effort to finish Diamond Club and the month of May with a bang. Despite having some pre-scheduled work appointments, I’ve read, graded papers, purged, organized, socialized, blogged, and cleaned. Yup, CLEANED! And the weekend isn’t even over yet. If you know me, I never clean. I’ve hated cleaning for as long as I can remember (ask my mom and the neighbors who had to endure my feet tantruming against their walls because of cleaning…#rowhouseliving), but there’s something about a house staying clean for more than 2 minutes that a little bit redeems the act of having to clean. Not being grossed out to sit on your own toilet is just icing on the cake.

Not being grossed out to sit on your own toilet is just icing on the cake. #parenting Click To Tweet

While I’ve always preached that self-care is crucial (I even have a published devotional on it), I think I leveled up in self-care this weekend which is great because I’m kind of getting tired of my PTSD, compassion fatigued, grumpy* self.

*Grumpy is the word I prefer but my better half tells me I’m the meanest person he knows. #truelove

I had started outlining a self-care plan for the summer that included pretty doing only things I love and very little adulting. I think I will still proceed as planned because who doesn’t want a summer of Korean food, dancing, and cheesy inspirational fiction? But I may need to figure out how to arrange this extended-time-to-myself-in-my-house situation on a more regular basis. If I think about it, this new love language actually makes a ton of sense. My primary love language is strongly Acts of Service. What better way to love myself than to do acts of service for myself off of my eternal to-do list?

Summer self-care = pretty doing only things I love and very little adulting. Click To Tweet

The only thing that could have made this weekend better would’ve have been a long massage. #mentalnotefornexttime #myotherlovelanguageisphysicaltouch.

What is your idea of a perfect weekend of self-care?

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