Summer of Six

I’m one of those moms who loves summer. I think it’s because we homeschool, but I honestly can’t remember if I loved summer when my kids were in school. I love that there aren’t lessons to plan and papers to grade and this expectation that we should be doing school. I feel like it’s my time to catch up on life…or start a new project (I’m so THAT person).

Anyway, I once heard my favorite business coach, Amy Walker, suggest that we should only have 6 tasks we wish to accomplish each day. She suggested this would help us have time to PLAY and, more importantly for me, feel satisfied at the end of the day because your to-do list was COMPLETE!

I have attempted to do this in other seasons, but decided to get back on the bandwagon for summer. I’m attempting to time block my days and focus on just 6 things each day. My goal is to feel like I enjoyed summer but also accomplished something.

Each day has a focus:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays are doTERRA
  • Tuesdays are for school planning
  • Thursdays are for blogging-related activities
  • Friday are household tasks and catch up

I try to pick tasks for my 6 that are about an hour long. It may be a grouping of tasks like “doTERRA administrative catch up” or “pay bills.”

I’ll be honest. Some days I don’t even get those 6 done, but starting the day with prioritizing my Todoist has been really satisfying even if I don’t get my 6 done.

I’ll be updating how I’m doing with this summer goal periodically on Instagram with #summerof6. Feel free to add your thoughts and photos to that hashtag as well!


Now, if I could just figure out how to tie up those school loose ends and remember to monitor the amount of screen time going on in my house…

What does your summer routine look like?

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