Mommy Slacker | December Edition

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I’m running a virtual Holiday Survival Support Group on Marco Polo for the past month or so. It’s been a complete blessing and something I am going to expand and explore more of in the coming weeks, but I digress.

I posted a Polo (as the videos are called on the app) the other day about what I was NOT doing and invited the other mamas to do the same.

Holy Pop-tarts (as my nephew would say)! It totally resonated with everyone. It is so freeing and cathartic to be proud of what you are NOT doing and hearing other mamas admit similar real life realities.

So I thought it would be fun to bring the Slacker Therapy to the public sphere.

Once a month, I’ll compile a list of things I am NOT doing in this season (or ever) and share it with you. I’d love for you to do the same. #themorethemerrier

Once a month, I'll compile a list of things I am NOT doing and share it with you. Join me #mommyslacker Click To Tweet

In December, I am NOT:

  • Diligently home educating our youngest. We’re doing the bare minimum (if even that).
  • Keeping up with the dishes. The people are headed to my parents water cooler to get drinks because the faucet is literally not accessible.
  • Cleaning my bathroom. I had to power squat over my own toilet last week.
  • Decorating for Christmas. Not even a tree this year. No tree means I am also NOT rearranging furniture to accommodate an indoor, shedding monster; digging out the ornaments; walking through the cold; refereeing the trimming of the tree; or vacuuming needles for the rest of eternity (unless you count the ones I’m still not vacuuming from last year).
  • Purchasing gifts for my children. There are grandparents, and aunts, and uncles, and friends, and more grandparents, and cousins. No deprived children here.
  • Micromanaging the high schooler. I’m pretty sure he’s failing English. #noonewilldie #idonothavetheenergy #hepassedlastquarter

Day 124

What are you NOT doing?

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