How to Use Himalayan Salt Lamps with Special Needs Children

Whether it’s chemical brain imbalances or just the constant struggle to adapt, kids with special needs often struggle with high anxiety levels. These high anxiety levels are often followed by emotional outbursts, trouble focusing, and low self-esteem. We’re in the boat with you, so I know that any tips and tricks on how to battle back against these things are welcome.

salt lamp special needs kids

A couple weeks ago, So Well, who specializes in Himalayan salt products reached out to me. I received a free product in exchange for writing this review. (I’ll also receive compensation if you decide to buy a salt lamp through a link in this post.)

As I was researching the benefits of salt lamps, I found that they:

  • Release negative ions into the air which can reduce anxious feelings and promote a peaceful environment for sleep [1]. Anxiety and sleep are probably the 2 top concerns that parents ask me about. It’s always better when our kids are sleeping, right?
  • Boost serotonin levels [2]. This is your happiness chemical [3]. And who doesn’t need more happy in their life?
  • Minimize the effects of electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog which is released from electronics [4]. I’ll speak for myself, but as much as I’d like to minimize screens around the house, they are kind of inevitable. I mean, how can my kid learn mindfulness and meditation without his Breathe Kids or Headspace app? I’m certainly not going to spend 10 minutes speaking to him in soothing Australian tones when there’s an app for that!
  • Purify the air of nastiness. Things like mold, bacteria, and other allergens. The idea is that the salt attracts water from the air. Water which is carrying all the nasties. Then the water re-evaporates into the air because of the heat from the bulb in the lamp leaving behind everything it was carrying [5]. The pollen count is about to get very high, so having a salt lamp running can only help, and it definitely won’t hurt.
  • Calm mood and increase focus through their soft amber glow [6]. The soft amber glow is also great for combating the blue light from electronics that can disrupt sleep [7]. Just say, “No!” to disrupted sleep!

Seriously, what’s not to love about salt lamps?

Of course, I was the shotgun customer who just bought on appearance and ended up with a white LED lamp. That just means that my bulbs won’t heat my lamp for that negative ion release and it’s missing that calming amber glow. On the plus side, it’s super cute, and it’s close enough to my over-heating laptop that I’m sure that the water that condenses on my lamp is in fact evaporating.

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So, now what?

  1. Gain buy-in (if your child is able). Skip to Step 2 if this step doesn’t apply. Start with a question where the answer you want is actually, “No.” For example, “Do you want to keep feeling anxious?” Then ask, “What impact would feeling more calm have on your life?” Keep asking, “What else?” until you have a pretty comprehensive list. Lastly, go in for the kill. “If I put a salt lamp in your room that will help you feel calmer, would you be open to that?” Be respectful of a, “No.” Just respond, “No problem. If you ever change your mind, you know where to find me. I’m always happy to get one for you.” Go to Step 2 anyway because now you want one. And if you can decrease your stress, everyone in the family will win.
  2. Head to SoWell and see what promotions are going on and browse their collection of Himalayan Salt Lamps. I appreciate their commitment to fair trade and quality. Our kids with special needs are even less resilient to toxic load, so what we introduce to their environment matters.
  3. If you have a teenager who is glue to a computer, try to place the lamp close to where he sits. If you have toddlers, place it somewhere out of reach. Basically, know your child and choose a wise place for this new lamp accordingly.
  4. Keep it on as often as possible [8].

For answers to all the questions you have that I haven’t answered, click here to visit the SoWell FAQs page.

Do you use Himalayan salt lamps in your home? What do you think?


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