Mommy Slacker | April Edition

Every day we see beautiful photos on Instagram and smiling faces on Facebook and may be tempted to feel like a failure. The Mommy Slacker party is here to combat such silliness. No one is doing it all…despite what social media may try to claim. So here’s to some real-life authenticity…

Here’s what I’m not doing…

  • Keeping up with my own blog series. Nope, you did not miss Mommy Slacker | February or March Edition. It was me, not you.
  • Eating Paleo. I’ve always said I shoot for more of a 80/20 situation. But there’s a box full of Doritos and cookies next door, and I have no self-control. I can walk away in the grocery store, but once those things are in my house, it’s all over.
  • Using a top sheet or washing my sheets enough. I had no idea people were so opinionated about the top sheet situation. There was quite the lively discussion on my FB wall.

To see a running tally of what else I’m not doing (like NOT keeping succulents alive), follow the Instagram account @mommyslacker.

What are you NOT doing?

Join the party by using #mommyslacker on Twitter or Instagram or just comment below!

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