In my world, this is just a fancy name for having an excuse to meet up virtually or in real life so that you don't feel alone. I don't promise answers, but I can offer a fresh perspective as a parent who is in the trenches with you but also is trained as an Empowered to Connect parent trainer. I'm also happy to share any part of our family's journey that could be relevant in helping you figure out what your next step will be.

I have a group of parents that I've gathered here or if you'd like to schedule a time for a chat, it'd be my honor. Just shoot me a message here.

Speaking and Teaching

I've loved sharing what I'm learning with others for as long as I can remember. My audiences usually connect with my authenticity and vulnerability in front of groups--large and small. I'd be honored to come share at your event or small group meeting. My usual speaking topics include:

  • Reflections of a Happy Adult Adoptee
  • Adopting Older Kids
  • The Church's call to orphan care
  • Trust-based parenting
  • Holistic Care for Adoptive Families
  • Surviving Crisis
  • Therapeutic Touch Training for families of kids from hard places
  • or various Empowered to Connect trainings and/or workshops

Hubby and I also pair up to do a limited amount Empowered to Connect trainings and/or workshops.

For availability and booking, click here to send a message.




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