We're a couple of lifelong learners praying our kids will follow our example. We both tutored through college and love teaching. I was just getting ready to do my happy dance about having all of my kids in school when we decided homeschooling was best for our family. <Insert sad face and no dancing.> Even though I entered our season of homeschooling kicking and screaming, I've fully embraced the lifestyle that now allows our children to have the space and customization they need to develop into lifelong learners. That being said, we understand that homeschooling isn't for everyone or even for each child in a homeschool family and have needed to access other education options for some of our kids from year-to-year. For those we're educating at home, we use classical education methodology and highly value community (no unsocialized homeschoolers here). We love sharing our experiences with others and would love to help you problem solve any education hurdles you're facing.