How to Buy

The Best Value

The most popular way to purchase oils is have a wholesale membership which allows you purchase products at 25% off. There are no monthly or minimum purchase requirements.

Enrollment kits allow you to get started at a deep discount and include your 12 months of 25% off. To build your own kit, choose the Introductory Packet ($35).

Retail Purchases

If you just want to try a couple items, you can shop retail pricing and have your items shipped directly to you. 

If your total comes to more than $140, definitely go wholesale!

Monthly Orders

We affectionately call the monthly program "Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)."

While monthly ordering isn't required, there are some major perks such as a 100% rebate on shipping, 15-30% back on your purchases, and free products. Order contents and ship date can be edited easily in your Virtual Office so your order can match your budget.

Here's the small print.

edge lrp