Work With Us

Our Committment to You

  • Coaching, mentoring, and encouragement on product information and business building practices.
  • Access to private trainings.
  • Exclusive incentives.
  • Access to a private Facebook group and password-protected website full of resources.
  • The best deals on doTERRA products.
  • Opportunity to earn life-changing, residual income.
  • A positive, high-energy team and work environment.

Your Committment to Us

  • Set clear and actionable goals.
  • Open communication about your needs.
  • Completion of action steps.
  • Determination and passion to help others.
  • 150PV minimum LRP order.

The Why

Whether you want more control over your work hours, always dreamed of owning your own business, need a little extra income, or are just passionate about teaching others about wellness, sharing doTERRA for commission and bonuses is a great option.

The Deal with Network Marketing

For whatever reason, network marketing has a bad rap. Maybe it’s pushy sales “friends,” products that fall short of promises, or just straight up saturation. Tell me you don’t know someone–probably dozens of someones–who are selling something through network marketing.

However, as a true extrovert (someone who finishes an exhausting day and looks to go out and teach or be with friends to re-energize), network marketing is my dream job. It’s three things I love—networking, teaching, and serving.

For our team, it's about keeping an eye out for someone in need, connecting, and doing what we can to help them reach a goal. Sometimes that's educating them on natural solutions. Sometimes it's just a cup of coffee and a conversation.

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