I'm one of those moms who started her homeschool career kicking and screaming. I was just about to send my last kid off to kindergarten (FREEDOM!!) when it became apparent that homeschooling was on the horizon.

We started as a Classical Conversations family, but felt uncomfortable (that's an understatement) about returning in Summer 2014. My post about CC being on probation is the most viewed post on this blog...EVER.

Because we still see the value of classical education, a friend and I started our own community called Bridges Classical Community.


I love helping like-minded movers and shakers start their own dream community, and I'm happy to schedule a time to chat about what we're doing. You might also like this brief synopsis.

This year we have a son venturing to public school and I'll be exploring what is means to continue homeschooling a son who has permanent brain damage due to prenatal alcohol exposure before he came to us.