Podcast | #24 Lisa Qualls, One Thankful Mom, a Birth Mom, and an Adoptive Mom

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Lisa Qualls is the founder of the One Thankful Mom blog. She is a writer and speaker with the unusual chance to have experienced all 3 parts of the adoption triad–birth mom, adoptive mom, and foster child. We’ve connected over so many similarities over the years but she’s far more gracious, wise, and compassionate than me. I know you’ll love what she has to share. We chatted about a part of her story that she hasn’t talked much about…her story as a birth mom. Plus the after effects that having a household of kids can have on even a natural extrovert and my favorite topic of the Enneagram also slipped in. I promise you. I didn’t even prime her!

Here are links to all the places where Lisa is hanging out:

Blog | FB Page | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Other things we referenced:

Michael Hyatt – front and back stage days

Yoga with Adriene

A podcast that includes Enneagram Subtype descriptions

My Essentially Connected Parenting YouTube Channel

lisa qualls one thankful mom birth mom

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  1. Love this podcast!!! You are both inspiring. I love to hear Lisa’s heart and her love of parenting children from all walks of life. Loved it!

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