2016-2017 Homeschool Plans

I feel like our summer flew! And our homeschool-length summer–which starts in May and ends in September–is longer than most. Last year, we beta-tested a new classical homeschool community. While we were only 3 families, it was a really sweet year with a fabulous dynamic–kids and mamas alike. This year, we dreamed to expand in […]

What I learned from homeschooling through crisis

We’re entering our sixth year of homeschooling. More than half of our homeschooling years, so far, were marked by crisis and trauma. The feelings of my inadequacy to keep up the academic home front were strong. However, I knew in my gut that homeschooling isn’t just school at home, it is a family philosophy of sorts where […]

5 Cleaning Tips for the Homeschool Family

The following is a guest post. Homeschooling can feel all-consuming which makes keeping your home tidy feel like an additional chore. If you have a lot of responsibilities and very little time to do them, take a look at these house routines which can help you and your kids. Here are some tested and proven […]

Curriculum Choices 2015-2016

I know I’m pretty late in posting this, but I wanted to make sure what I chose was actually going to stick. Plus, I figure this is when other people start realizing what they chose isn’t working and are looking for Plan B. The subjects listed are what we are required to teach in our […]

5 Steps to Starting a Classical Learning Community

As traumatic and dramatic as our exit from CC was last spring, we have landed on our feet. We took all the things we loved about CC and tweaked the ones we didn’t and started our own community. The even better thing? You can, too. Here’s how: Gather a like-minded friend or two. This part will […]

A Classical, Non-Leveled Spelling Curriculum

We started our classical education journey at a small, local, private school. When we started homeschooling, we joined a local Classical Conversations community, and now we’ll be starting a new classical community, using memory work from Claritas Classical Academy, improving on what we’ve learned over the past 4 years. As my understanding of classical methodology has […]