Astronomy and Earth Science Experiments for Communities


14 experiments that follow the Scientific Method and are designed for classical homeschool communities


These experiments are designed for classically educating communities with multiple ages (preschool through 6th grade) in a group. Some lessons require the group to be broken down into groups. It’s assumed there are multiple adults in the room who can help with activities. Two or three adults should be sufficient for any given lesson.
However, they can certainly work in traditional learning environments.

Each experiment follows the Scientific Method

Tutor Notes:

  • As materials allow, break students up into groups to allow for maximum participation. Some experiments already indicate that they favor smaller groups.
  • Create groups with mixed ages and encourage older students to help younger students complete tasks and fill out their handouts.
  • During the experiments, try to involve as many students as possible by assigning them various jobs during the experiment or having them read for you.

The supplies are basic and inexpensive.


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