{Recipe} Pizza Egg

Follow my blog with Bloglovin One of the foods we miss the most since going grain-free is pizza. We did find a quinoa crust recipe that we indulge in, but Grace came up with a completely grain-free alternative recently…the pizza egg. Basically you make an omelet and top it with sauce and cheese. We’ve found the […]

{What’s For Dinner} Lettuce Wraps

Right now, we’re buried in ice and snow during an unusually cold winter. However, there are nagging garden thoughts in the back of my mind. Lettuce and other leafy greens will be on the first fruits of spring. We also have a half a cow in our freezer downstairs–a lot of which is ground beef. […]

{Recipe} Latkes courtesy of Campbell’s

Half of us are mostly grain free. Two of those are also avoiding phenols. Another is mildly allergic to eggs. Add normal kid pickiness and changing tastes, and cooking a main meal for everyone…impossible. Keeping up with our life while cooking for everyone…also impossible. Food is one of those battles I have chosen not to […]

Perfect Primal (or Paleo) Pancakes

For almost two months now, 4 of us have been eating mostly Primal (think Paleo with more dairy). If you don’t know what Paleo is, think grain-free or only fruit, veggies, meat, nuts, and seeds. It started with me trying to kick regular migraines, a nagging joint injury, and unstable blood sugar levels when I […]

Buying (and Storing) Meat in Bulk

About twice a year, we head out to buy the majority of our meat for the next 5 or so months.  I’d tell you where but we really don’t go there for the deal as much as the smorgasbord afterwards.  (And they don’t look at your weird when you ask for 60 pounds of chicken).  […]

Peanut-Crusted Chicken

What you’ll need: Enough thinly sliced chicken breast meat to feed your family.  I prefer boneless skinless.  I had 2 honkin’ pieces that I cut thickness-wise to make 4 pieces.  Then I pounded them with a meat tenderizer to make them even thinner. Enough honey roasted peanuts to cover the chicken.  I used about 2 […]

Easy cheesy chicken and beans

Remember when I talked about Gourmet Club? Well tomorrow’s that time again. This time it’s crock pot dishes…everything from appetizer to dessert.  In honor of Crockpot Gourmet Club, here is an easy crock pot recipe.  Easy. Crockpot.  Is that redundant? Anyway, you’ll need: Enough chicken breat to feed your family.  If you use more than […]