{Recipe} Latkes courtesy of Campbell’s

Half of us are mostly grain free. Two of those are also avoiding phenols. Another is mildly allergic to eggs. Add normal kid pickiness and changing tastes, and cooking a main meal for everyone…impossible. Keeping up with our life while cooking for everyone…also impossible. Food is one of those battles I have chosen not to […]

Perfect Primal (or Paleo) Pancakes

For almost two months now, 4 of us have been eating mostly Primal (think Paleo with more dairy). If you don’t know what Paleo is, think grain-free or only fruit, veggies, meat, nuts, and seeds. It started with me trying to kick regular migraines, a nagging joint injury, and unstable blood sugar levels when I […]

Upcycle a CD Sleeve to a Cookie Sleeve

Baked goods are always a go-to gift idea in our house. They’re also great for selling at holiday bazaars and summertime lemonade stands. An upgraded presentation can take the tradtional cookie from so-so to shazam! The first step is to make large cookies (think a tad smaller than a CD) using your go-to recipe. While […]

Day 49

I used to be annoyed that the best place to buy Korean groceries to cook for Ty was almost an hour away. Now that seems like a luxury since the best place to get Ethiopian groceries is in Ethiopia. At least Kayla can help me cook Ethiopian. I’ve been perfecting my injera while she makes […]

Buying (and Storing) Meat in Bulk

About twice a year, we head out to buy the majority of our meat for the next 5 or so months.  I’d tell you where but we really don’t go there for the deal as much as the smorgasbord afterwards.  (And they don’t look at your weird when you ask for 60 pounds of chicken).  […]

Heart Attack on a Bun (aka, a Bacon Burger)

This recipe happened sort of by accident.  I had intended to make meatballs in my crock pot but misjudged how long it would take.  They turned into this. Ingredients: 1 lb. ground beef 1 lb. chopped raw maple flavored bacon (You could probably cook it first if you wanted it crispy for texture.) 1/2 cup […]

Native American Lesson: Corn Cakes

I got most of our activities from The World of North American Indians (Passport to the Past).  I love the simple instructions that also include pictures. I let PJ page through the book and choose our first project.  He loves being in the kitchen so he chose to make corn cakes (found on page 24). […]