Peanut-Crusted Chicken

What you’ll need: Enough thinly sliced chicken breast meat to feed your family.  I prefer boneless skinless.  I had 2 honkin’ pieces that I cut thickness-wise to make 4 pieces.  Then I pounded them with a meat tenderizer to make them even thinner. Enough honey roasted peanuts to cover the chicken.  I used about 2 […]

Rainbow Nachos

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll be eating rainbow nachos.  The kids think there’s nothing better than being able to eat chips for dinner.  RED: Salsa.  Fresh, jarred, mild, spicy.  There are so many options. ORANGE/YELLOW: Cheesy chicken dip.  Combine melted Velveeta, a little bouillon, and cooked chicken.  We did ours in the crock […]

Sesame Shrimp + Asian Noodles

Is it just me or has shrimp been on sale a lot lately?  Don’t answer that. We love shrimp here.  The other night I was in the mood for Asian-inspired shrimp.  Here’s what we did.  I’ll apologize in advance that I do not provide many real measurements. SHRIMP: Thaw and peel shrimp, if necessary.  Toss […]

Easy cheesy chicken and beans

Remember when I talked about Gourmet Club? Well tomorrow’s that time again. This time it’s crock pot dishes…everything from appetizer to dessert.  In honor of Crockpot Gourmet Club, here is an easy crock pot recipe.  Easy. Crockpot.  Is that redundant? Anyway, you’ll need: Enough chicken breat to feed your family.  If you use more than […]

Gourmet Club and Mismatched Pictures

WARNING: This is a post where the pictures do not match the words.  It’s the epitomy of either laziness or super efficient blogging 🙂 ———————————————————- We’re self-proclaimed foodies.*  A couple months ago, a bunch of our foodie friends decided to start a Gourmet Club.  About once a month, someone volunteers their home and picks a […]

Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp isn’t usually an ingredient that’s on my list when I’m trying to save money but it’s a family favorite and it’s a great break from chicken.  Last week I was able to get a pound of tail-on, cooked, medium-sized, frozen shrimp for $7.99 to make Shrimp Pasta. Ingredients 1/2 pound medium shrimp (that was about […]

Fish for Five (or however many are in your family)

I’ve been a couponing, deal-searching, frugal mama for a while now.  But being incomeless for the time-being has brought a whole new meaning to thrifty.  We’re not down to a Ramen noodle diet yet, but I am trying to plan family meals that are budget-friendly.  Since I’m also a health conscious, veggie-hiding, get-some-green-on-that-plate mama, I’ve […]