5 Crucial Skills Your Child Needs to Play Independently

Does your child play well independently? Do you ever want to scream, “Why won’t you just. go. play !?!?” I talk a lot about assuming a CAN’T instead of a WON’T with our kids. So let’s apply this to independent play. Just like there are physical developmental stages that need to happen in a certain […]

favorite things olympics

{Favorite Things} Olympics Edition

I’m a self-professed Olympics junkie. Granted, I have about negative 10 extra minutes to devote to such things these days. Enter this week’s main favorite thing. NBC Sports Mobile App It’s like having On Demand Olympics at your fingertips for whenever you have a hot second to steal away for a little self-indulgence. I’ve been […]

Selfie Summer

With the school year officially underway, summer is officially over for our fam. Our first community day was a smashing success. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a group of parents use their various gifts (or stretch to learn new ones) for the mission of seeing our kids learn, explore, and connect. Watching a group […]

Current Life Hacks

The beginning of a new year seems like an apropos time to reveal some of our current life hacks. None of the links are affiliate. I have no motivation for sharing other than, well, wanting to.

The Christmas Gift | A story interlude

Mia was what some call a late bloomer, academically. She’s probably the poster child for homeschooling success. I’m positive she could have labelled herself dumb (and NOT a math person) and hated reading had she felt the pressure to keep up with her peers in first grade. Instead, that was our first year homeschooling. We focused […]

Foto Flashback Friday

It all started with a conversation under our basketball hoop–Pops, Auntie Lin, and me. “What should we do for Mom’s birthday?” “She doesn’t want us to do anything, but we should. It IS 60 after all.” “We could surprise her after church. Have a couple of her friends here.” Before we knew it, there was […]

Why I could skip the “ber” months

While I love the mild weather and beautiful warm colors of fall, I would rather skip the “ber” months—September, October, November, December—all together. Let’s start with the lack of sunlight. I’m one of those seasonal affective people who needs the sun to be shining in order for me to feel like being productive. I’ve played […]