Garden Update in Pictures

We have harvested over 300 strawberries in under a week. Feel free to share your favorite strawberry recipes! Cherry trees, coffee, three-in-one citrus tree, and chives. Grapes galore! This year’s tomato “cages.” Cucumbers. Snow Peas. Lovin’ the nylon netting this year.

Potato towers wall

We saw a post like this one at the beginning of the spring and loved it!  We’re always trying to use our vertical space more efficiently. We had initially thought we would do towers but then decided a long, narrow wall would take less time to build while still accomplishing its our original purpose…more potatoes […]

Taking the dog garden out

Every year we start seedlings inside and every year they either die before we can get them outside or they don’t survive a week once they get outside. Then we stomp out and buy pre-started plants or just re-sow straight into the ground. We’ve had the most success with sowing into the ground when we […]

Raised Beds

Patrick really wanted to try raised beds in our garden this year.  Our soil is mostly clay which hasn’t been a huge problem except for root veggies.  He also claims raised beds are better because they warm up faster in the spring for earlier planting.  I claim they also freeze faster and need more watering. […]


Multi-tiered, discarded furniture from educational institution for $1 + painted herb pots + sunny corner Equals P.E.R.F.E.C.T

Spring is sprouting…hopefully

Gardening has officially begun for the 2011 season. Patrick has been wanting to experiment with growing herbs (or veggies) under grow lights for a couple years now.  The now-empty corner of our dining room seemed to be screaming, “Grow herbs here!  Who cares about the wine rack?” so we obliged. The light is bought (but not […]

Easy cheesy chicken and beans

Remember when I talked about Gourmet Club? Well tomorrow’s that time again. This time it’s crock pot dishes…everything from appetizer to dessert.  In honor of Crockpot Gourmet Club, here is an easy crock pot recipe.  Easy. Crockpot.  Is that redundant? Anyway, you’ll need: Enough chicken breat to feed your family.  If you use more than […]

Fish for Five (or however many are in your family)

I’ve been a couponing, deal-searching, frugal mama for a while now.  But being incomeless for the time-being has brought a whole new meaning to thrifty.  We’re not down to a Ramen noodle diet yet, but I am trying to plan family meals that are budget-friendly.  Since I’m also a health conscious, veggie-hiding, get-some-green-on-that-plate mama, I’ve […]