7 Reasons to DIY with Essential Oils

DIY is a pretty hot topic these days with search engines returning over 27 million results. I don’t really have the mental space or time resources right now to make a new headboard or upcycle our Foosball table, but I do have a couple quick minutes here and there to throw together a sugar scrub […]

Network Marketing | Dream Job

For whatever reason, network marketing has a bad rap. Maybe it’s pushy sales “friends,” products that fall short of promises, or just straight up saturation. Tell me you don’t know someone–probably dozens of someones–who are selling something through network marketing. However, as a true extrovert (someone who finishes an exhausting day and looks to go […]

DIY Sunscreen

One could go crazy bouncing between the sunscreen-all-year-round-anytime-you-go-out-of-doors camp and the we-need-more-vitamin-D-in-our-lives-and-sunscreen-is-in-the-way camp. I haven’t really given much thought to it because I’m really not together enough to sunscreen my kids religiously–or even semi-regularly. I do know, however, that when I decide we need sunscreen I want one with minimal to no toxins. The last […]

Guilt-free Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So if you really want guilt-free chocolate covered strawberries, you can dip them in 90% dark chocolate. (If you want organic, you have to go 85% or unsweetened). However, the whole double-boiler thing, the mess, then waiting for them to cool and harden is really beyond what my limited time for feeding my face can […]

Lessons from an Artichoke

We’re kind of accidental, experimental gardeners. A decade ago, we got it in our head that we wanted to grow some veggies. If you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of a “go big or go home” family, so rather than start with a couple tomato and cucumber plants in the modest garden beds around our house, […]

{Recipe} Essential Herbal Chai

Even though we owned a craft coffee shop for over a year, I can list “barista” as a skillset on a resume, and I know more about coffee than most people, I actually don’t drink it. I can actually tolerate the taste of really good, craft coffee, but the bigger issue is the caffeine. I […]

Laundry Detox

This post contains affiliate links. Why stop at laundry balls? We also use safe, natural products in our washing machine. I was using a recipe that required grating Fels Naptha soap and used Borax. Grating is a pain and the jury’s out on how “safe and natural” Fels Naptha and Borax are. I did a […]