Why I Chose My Essential Oil Company

Buying products from a network marketing company usually makes me twitch. Even now that I work for a network marketing company, I still feel my guard go up around my Jamberry, Beach Body, Rodan + Fields, and friends. I know that essential oils seem to be the new trendy thing to do, and there is […]

How to make a felt roller bottle case

Carrying a set of glass roller bottles around can get a little tricky. Sometimes they clank. Sometimes they leak. And always they end up at the very recesses of my bag, impossible to find. This easy to make carrying case keeps them safe and easy to find and absorbs any little leaks. Materials 10″ x […]

Foto Flashback Friday

The garden has sadly gotten little attention since we opened Cafe Tesfa. The first summer the big kids were home (2013), we let them each plant one of our raised beds. Both big girls grew sweet potatoes (which if you’re going to eat a carb, choose this one).

Detox Your Dishwasher

This was the first area of our house detox that I almost thought wouldn’t happen. I scoured the internet for recipes and tried anything I could find that was Borax-free. (I haven’t decided I’m against Borax in cleaning but I know a lot are trying to avoid it.) I did loads of dishes that came […]

Weighted Wool Laundry Balls

This post contains affiliate links. I successfully detoxed my shower routine. Onto laundry. When I first saw a post detailing how to create wool laundry balls, I was so excited at the simplicity. I created a set of four, but was not impressed by their weight. I knew part of the way laundry balls work […]

Top 3 Reasons to Tower Garden

As a 29-year-old entrepreneur Athletic Trainer beginning my own personal training business, starting a new branch of a non profit organization, and living in the coziest of apartments, I can only dream of one day having a garden in my yard. Until…The Juice Plus company told me that the Tower Garden is a healthy option for growing vine-ripened […]

Detoxing Your Shower Routine

Once I realized what an impact detoxing our diet had, I set out to detox other areas. The additional benefit is that the new routine is actually much more cost effective. Hair Care. I use a simple solution of water, apple cider vinegar, and essential oils. My hair has always been greasy and oily. When […]

Essential Oil Popcorn

Because we allow ourselves to cheat on the grain-free thing 20% of the time, one family favorite snack is POPCORN! I experimented recently with how to incorporate essential oils. First, I tried popping it as usually and drizzling it with coconut and essential oils. It left a greasy mess in the bottom of the bowl […]