{RECIPE} Grain-free Fried Rice

Although I didn’t grow up culturally Korean, I LOVE Asian food. Rice has been one of the really hard things for me to give up and often finds itself in the 20 part of my 80/20 commitment. Cauliflower is one of the things I can successfully hide from PJ (our choosy 11 year old, carb-craver). […]

10 Positive Affirmations for Wellness

It turns out that old adage, “Mind over matter,” actually holds some water. As the new year starts, try spending a couple minutes everyday repeating these affirmations out loud and with confidence. I nourish myself with nutritious foods and plenty of water every day that give me abundant energy. Every day I make decisions to get healthier […]

Tips for eating grain-free

Make it more about what you can eat, than what you can’t. Just like that parenting philosophy that says focus on the positive spin (e.g., “Please walk” vs. “Don’t run”), the same principle applies here. Rather than focus on the bread and pasta we’re missing out on, we think about the meats, produce, seeds, nuts, […]

{RECIPE} Veggie Fritters

This is the time of year when I love cooking. The garden has taken a back seat this year because of the coffee shop, but we’re still getting a handful of fresh produce. My favorite thing to do with squash (and even carrots and broccoli) is to make them into veggie fritters. Shred or chop […]

3 Ways to Use Our Favorite Vegan, Protein Shake

We recently started using a vegan protein powder*. Here’s an excerpt from the company’s description: “… convenient, completely vegan-friendly, and delicious weight management shake mix that provides essential nutrients and only 47 calories per serving. Blended with nonfat dairy; almond, rice or soy milk, or water, [it] can be used as part of a weight-loss strategy of […]

{Recipe} Pizza Egg

Follow my blog with Bloglovin One of the foods we miss the most since going grain-free is pizza. We did find a quinoa crust recipe that we indulge in, but Grace came up with a completely grain-free alternative recently…the pizza egg. Basically you make an omelet and top it with sauce and cheese. We’ve found the […]

Early Spring Gardening

While there’s still snow in our forecast, it’s past due to think about your spring garden. Last week I put some cool weather root veggies in the ground and covered the bed to retain the heat while the temperatures are still unreliable. If you missed my list of favorite gardening resources last year, check it out […]