Cafe Tesfa | Twenty-twenty Challenge

For years, Patrick has been talking about his pipe dream to open a coffee shop. I fully agreed it sounded like a blast but never saw it coming to fruition until retirement…at least.

Almost 4 years ago, we met a family that’s as crazy as we are. When they heard about our coffee shop dreams, the wife told me not to let the boys spend time alone because her husband was crazy enough to actually follow through. She was right.

For a couple years, we poured (no pun intended) resources into researching the area market, coffee types, and fine teas (because I don’t drink coffee). Then, we adopted three kids. The capital dried up. And the shop plans came to an ungraceful, screeching halt.

About 6 months ago, we decided if we could ever get the operation off the ground (again, pun not intended), we would create a shop with a larger, social justice purpose–namely, kids aging out of foster care and other at-risk youth. Fast forward to a couple months ago at an event at a local shop where Patrick, very uncharacteristically, stepped out and networked. This outside-of-his-comfort-zone conversation happened to be with a guy who was looking to sell the assets of his coffee shop and was super-excited about our vision.

This is where you come in.

We have until June 30th to raise the capital we’ll need to complete the final phases of getting the shop operational.

We are challenging you to hop over to our funding page and donate just $20, then challenge at least 20 other people to come and watch the video.

Who’s in?

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