{Recipe} Essential Herbal Chai

Even though we owned a craft coffee shop for over a year, I can list “barista” as a skillset on a resume, and I know more about coffee than most people, I actually don’t drink it. I can actually tolerate the taste of really good, craft coffee, but the bigger issue is the caffeine. I can’t even drink caffeinated tea. We’re talking dizziness, heart pounding, head fog…I know, so sad. However, I drink enough tisanes (proper term for herbal “tea”) to float a boat.

I  LOVE chai. Unfortunately, most chai is black tea based.

I recently came up with a recipe for herbal chai that makes me happy so I though I’d share it with you.


  1. Get a pot of organic rooibos going. (My favorite tea distributor is Joy’s Teaspoon.) Just follow the directions on the package. Rooibos is a pretty forgiving tisane. Obviously using loose is better than bagged.
  2. Now the fun part. Prepare your mug with the spices. I use essential oils to flavor mine because they are cost effective, natural, and have added benefits. I recommend a finger swipe of cardamom, a finger swipe of cassia or cinnamon, and a full drop of ginger. However, you can adjust this flavor balance to make your taste buds happy!
  3. Pour your steamy rooibos into your mug, inhale deeply the delicious aromas, sip, and enjoy.

We’ve chosen a specific brand of essential oils because of the company’s commitment to safety, sustainability, quality, and support. We believe life (including essential oils) is best done in community and this company has a similar mindset. Unfortunately, to protect myself from scrutiny from the FDA, I’ve chosen to not disclose the brand on my website. It’s crazy world we live in! If you want to learn more about who we chose and why, send me a message here. You can also sign up for my newsletter where I send out wellness tips, event invites, and ways to get FREE oils.


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