{Favorite Things} more food, a book, and discounted gas

Okay, quick survey…who felt extra crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday during that blue, supermoon, eclipse situation? I had a friend tell me that it is all a crock, but I really need a good excuse for how bad of a parent I was during those two days.

So this Friday’s favorites:

Baking Bacon

baking bacon paleo

We (I mean, “I”) try to be as Paleo as possible. I head believes and my joints are huge fans. I’m working on firing the tastebuds that absolutely CANNOT resist the giant chipless chocolate chip cookie my sister keeps making. #behindmesatan

The part of Paleo that my whole person loves is the bacon. Duh! But gone are the days of slaving over the skillet ruining that dry-clean only shirt that you couldn’t resist at the local church’s free clothing day. I bring you baking bacon.

Just line a sheet pan with foil and lay out a single layer of bacon. Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 25 minutes or until evenly crispy. Less time for thinner slices, more time for thicker. Remove the bacon to a paper-towel lines plate. Wait for the bacon fat to congeal, and then save it for making eggs or just roll up the foil and toss it. No washing dishes!

If You Only Knew

Jamie Ivey’s Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of becoming free.

I had two amazing women on my podcast this week talking about this book. It’s a quick, but powerful read.

2 Notable Holidays

ice cream for breakfast


My dad is such a big kid. His favorite holidays are Groundhog’s Day and National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Not sure how it worked out, but they happen to be the same weekend usually. He’s doing extra miles on his hand bike this week to make room for the extra calories because of course Groundhog’s Day is celebrated with Dirt–that dessert with pudding and cookie crumbs and whipped cream and gummy worms and…and…and. Basically it’s like Diabetes in a flower pot. And, yes, we make it in a flower pot and serve it with a shovel. And then 12 hours later, we’ll all be eating ice cream for breakfast.

What are you loving these days?

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