{Favorite Things} Olympics Edition

I’m a self-professed Olympics junkie. Granted, I have about negative 10 extra minutes to devote to such things these days.

Enter this week’s main favorite thing.

NBC Sports Mobile App

nbc mobile app olympics

It’s like having On Demand Olympics at your fingertips for whenever you have a hot second to steal away for a little self-indulgence. I’ve been watching while peeing and eating…not at the same time, obviously. I think I actually like it better than watching the TV because I can choose exactly what I want to watch…even entire events from previous days or just recaps of all the important stuff I missed. Of course, you can also watch a Live Stream…just like TV, but you can carry it with you while you run around the house and make lunch, switch laundry, and drill memory work.

Olympics Sports Profile Channel

I’m not sure if this is really even a real separate thing, but it’s a set of videos you can stream from inside the NBC Sports Mobile App. It’s all the human interest stories and random factoids of the Olympics. I could not put it down last weekend, and cried more tears on Saturday that I have for all of This is Us combined. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve really only started crying since Jack died. Fortunately, the Profile Channel seems to loop the same videos occasionally, so I felt like I could step away occasionally to watch the actual games.

Flip Flops

This has little to do with the Olympics, but I did enjoy watching skiing yesterday while wearing flip flops. As much as I love the winter games, I really love spring. We’ll just ignore the fact that there’s a 100% chance of getting snow tomorrow. #thisismidatlanticweather

What is your favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

favorite things olympics

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