Podcast | #21 Rena Rosen on Being Kind

podcast being kind

Meet Rena Rosen. She’s the founder of Art of Compassion, an organization dedicated to a higher level of acceptance, appreciation, and understanding of physical differences among parents and children in our community. During our conversation she shares about what is was like to grow up with a noticeable physical disability and how she’s using her story to make the world a better place. And just like last week’s guest, Jenn, she shares how we can help our kids have appropriate encounters out in public with people who are different.

If you’re parenting a child with a disability or you live with a disability, head to the AbleFinder FB page and click “Send Message” to be connected to a global community of support so you don’t have to feel isolated.

Connect with Rena at Art of Compassion’s FB Page and go buy her book, The Courage to Be Kind.

The other projects she mentioned are the Nora Project and Changing the Face of Beauty.

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