Once upon a time, there was a family who thought that orphan care was synonymous with adoption, the biggest barriers were financial, and that we would have it easier since mama was adopted. A couple CAFO Summits and four adoptions later, they now know how narrow-minded and ignorant they were.

Friends, this was us, and our story is full of beauty, but has equal amounts of brokenness, and it's not over. We won't know this side of heaven all the reasons we've walked this road, but we do know that there has been an enormous amount of redemption is supporting other families who feel alone and/or at the end of their rope. We've connected with hundreds of other families and tapped uncountable resources along the way. If you are convinced you are alone, I assure you that you are not, and I'd be honored to connect with you in person or virtually over a cup of tea or coffee.

I also love connecting with larger groups if you have an event or retreat and you're looking for an authentic, vulnerable, and sometimes sarcastic speaker.

Read how our adoptions came to be here.