5 Powerful Body Hacks You Need to Stay Calm

I talk a lot about how we can only control ourselves and that our regulation is the first step before we handle an issue with our kids. The next obvious question from parents is, how do I stay regulated or calm? Posture. Humming and extended exhale. Viewing nature. Peeing. Splash cold water on your face.

Free Resources for Exploring Issues of Race

I sit in an unusual position. I have white privilege because of my parents, but experience racism. There are also four black humans on this planet whom I’ve mothered under my roof–two of them are now men. The conversations the greater public has during times such as these are not conversations our family has the […]

When Words Hurt Like Sticks and Stones

Whoever said, “Sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” lied. When one of our kids says something that just gets under my skin and pushes all my buttons, I’m quick to defend myself. Sometimes words hurt more than the physical aggression. “You never do anything for me!” My primary […]

5 Mistakes Parents Make When Using Consequences

The worst feeling in the world is feeling powerless against our kids’ challenging behaviors. In an effort to regain control, we often threaten, yell, and assign ineffective consequences. Here are the top 5 mistakes parents make when using consequences: We forget to reflect and regulate first which results in reacting instead of responding. We address […]

How To Have Less Stress And More Joy For The Holidays

Less sunlight, disruptions in the routine, increased anticipation. It’s the perfect storm for our kids to lose their ever-loving minds which means we’re not far behind. Thank you, mirror neurons. With some intentionality, we can have less stress and more joy during the holidays. Define Success Get clear with yourself about what success will look […]

7 Really Simple Things You Can Do To Be A Better Mom

When we’re parenting kids with crazy challenging behaviors, it’s easy to become a mom we don’t recognize anymore. We start drowning in negativity. We want to be better moms but don’t know how. I hardly ever raised my voice until I was parenting children with ADHD and complex trauma. Then, I became a screaming lunatic. […]

4 Smart Strategies for IEP Meetings

Whether you’re headed to a parent-teacher conference or a formal IEP meeting for your child with ADHD, it can be intimidating to feel like it’s you against the rest of the team which may consist of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and specialists. Here are four things I wish someone had told me when I was […]