Christmas Ornaments for Foster and Adopted Children

Between the breaks in routine, extra sweets, and high anticipation, the holiday season is full of triggers for kids with a history of adverse experiences. I noticed after our first Christmas with our older kids, that tree trimming was a huge trigger because it emphasized all the years they’d missed with us as our younger […]

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Reframing Advent

Nothing says I’m waiting for the arrival of a Savior like: Overspending on more stuff we don’t need. Lying to our kids about where all the stuff came from. (We don’t do this, but I hear there are some families who do.) Forcing our kids to sit on a stranger’s lap and even smile about […]

Foto Flashback Friday

We have a tradition of visiting two local train gardens sometime during the Christmas season. It’s a tradition that my grandparents started with my mom decades ago. When I was a photography student in high school, the train garden (especially the one at the fire house where the lights cycle on and off) was one […]

The Christmas Card That Wasn’t

Well, I got as far as taking the family photo that was supposed to grace the Corkum Family Christmas Card for 2014. Gone are the days of creative overlays and folds. Apparently, also gone are the days of just slapping a photo on a pre-designed card and popping them in the mail. Actually, forget the […]

{Christmas} The Night Before

Also known as Christmas Eve. We tried something different this year. We opened presents (except stockings) on Christmas Eve after church and after dinner. I was a little worried it was going to be too late of a night and that we would have to deal with multiple breakdowns. However, everyone was on their best […]

{Christmas} The Grinch Reading

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Annual Grinch Reading. This is a family tradition started by my parents and godparents roughly 30 years ago. As you can see, it’s a photo-worthy experience for all. Just kindly ignore that evil look from my Hubby. Sometimes he’s Grinchy about photo opportunities. Ty and Mia are the […]

Day 133

After a dreadful ride home, we decided to open gifts with Pops and Nana even though it was after 10:30PM. Between unloading from Connecticut and the Dunn gifts, Christmas looks like it threw up in my living room.