Twisted Christmas Chain

We put a little twist on the Christmas chain this year. While there are still names of friends and family on the links, we added names of orphans from around the world on the reverse sides. You can see children waiting for forever families at and

Here’s the post on our annual Christmas prayer chain if you missed it last year…


Today marks the first day of our annual Christmas chain.


Every year since PJ was 3, we’ve created an old-fashioned, red and green, Christmas-countdown-chain. Actually, it’s an old-fashioned, red and green, Christmas-countdown-prayer-chain. On every link we list friends and family in our life. Every night, the kids take down a link and we pray for the named person during our family prayer time. We’re so blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome people that we’ve started grouping them (i.e., MOPS friends, school friends, etc) instead of listing individual names. Even with the grouping method, we may have to start earlier than December 1st next year.

P.S. The educator in me also has to mention this a great preschool project because it only requires cutting straight lines. Scissoring (is that a word?) is a kindergarten readiness skill for the obvious reason and for the not-so-obvious reason that it strengthens the pincer muscle that is necessary for good pencil grip. Assembling the chain (red, green, red, green) is also a pre-math skill–patterning.

Happy Countdown!

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  1. Great idea! We make a paper chain every year as well but turning it into another opportunity for thanks giving and prayer adds to it…

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