Kids' room workflow

I think we’ve been over this before but I HATE cleaning.  Since we have 3 kids, we use them a lot to help with the cleaning.  It’s really a win-win.  They learn life skills and I don’t have to clean.


The other day on our fourth snow day home in almost as many days, I decided it was probably time to clean up their room, wash their sheets, and vacuum.  Not necessarily in that order.

We only do their room on a day when they’re all around to help.  With school, that means it usually happens on days off.


Our workflow:

  1.  Each child clears off the top of his/her respective dresser, dusts, and puts the stuff back in a neater way than it came off. This is also a great time to trash clutter.  Ty obviously needs a little bit of help but since he only has 3 or 4 things on top of his set of crib drawers, it’s really not bad.  We also dust all the other surfaces in the room.
  2. I give a warning that vacuuming comes next and anything on the floor in my way will get tossed.
  3. I vacuum.  Mostly I do this so I can enforce the previous step’s threat.  Sometimes I just inspect and then have PJ vacuum.  As soon as Roomba is ressurected, he’ll go back to vacuuming duty.
  4. Each kid strips his/her respective bed down to the matress and takes the pillows out of the cases.
  5. I wash the bedding.
  6. I make the beds.
  7. The kids get their respective stuffies back on the beds.
  8. I inspect the floor and sometimes re-vacuum.

Do your kids help with cleaning?  What’s your workflow (with or without kids)?


  1. Jeb318February 4, 2011

    For dinner, they are in charge of getting napkins, silverware, and drinks. I usually dish up plates in the kitchen. After dinner and a family Bible devo, we all clear the table, kids and I wipe down chairs and table while Troy starts dishes. If the dishwasher needs emptying, the kids do all silverware and kid plates/cups, while grown ups do breakable dishes and containers that go in high cabinets. The happiest helper gets to put in the soap for the next load. If really goes fast when there isn't complaining.

    Bedrooms usually get done when I'm bathing the little girls, but that is just a nightly pick up. We do quick cleans throughout the day, usually it is a race the timer sort of thing.

  2. Polish Mama on the PrairieFebruary 3, 2011

    Great pics!

    We also have kids help with cleaning. The baby is still in the beginning stages, so I give her a microfiber cloth and tell her to clean and point to things. Mostly just to keep her busy and also to teach her. Sometimes, I give her a broom and just let her play with that, which she tries to swing around to sweep with. I also have her carry things to different rooms, like a pair of socks, etc. And, of course, “throw this away for Mama!” and “Put this in the sink for Mama!” which requires my help but she loves it and it boosts her self esteem.

    The big one helps sort dirty laundry, puts the dirty laundry into the washer, and helps with the clean laundry by folding hers and putting away whatever she can.

    She strips down the beds, which she loves because it means I let her jump on them for a minute.

    I do the same threat with vacuuming. 😉

    We do a race to see who can put the most toys away the fastest. I always let them win. Even if they didn't, as long as they tried really hard.

    If I am at my wits end with the older one, I fill the sink with soapy water, give her plastics to wash and a sponge (she stands on a chair wearing an apron). At the very least, she is out of my hair for a good 5 minutes and the sink gets cleaned.

    If she wants to vacuum or swiffer, I let her.

    I think you and Janie were the ones who really inspired me to do this. Thank you!

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