Lenten Chain Crosses

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know we are pretty fanatical about our Christmas chain.  It occurred to me today that we have been really bad as a family about counting down to Easter.  I was remembering a conversation I had with PJ in December about which was more important–Christmas or Easter.  Everytime he thought he knew, I would throw out another thought that would make him change his mind.  We never really settled on a hard answer except to recognize how important they both are.  However, I was convicted today that our family actions don’t reflect them as equal holidays.  Stupid commercialism.

Anyway, I thought, “Let’s do an Easter chain.”  Then I started researching 40-day-long, family-friendly lenten activities that I could find without buying a book I don’t have time to acquire and came across this Lenten Cross worksheet. Click the image to download.

click to download

I like that it’s visual and action-oriented.  It will flow nicely since we’re coming off of Love B-I-N-G-O.  Lent starts tomorrow with Ash Wednesday so you’re not too late (not there’s really a “too late”) to join us!

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