Spring is sprouting…hopefully

Gardening has officially begun for the 2011 season.

Patrick has been wanting to experiment with growing herbs (or veggies) under grow lights for a couple years now.  The now-empty corner of our dining room seemed to be screaming, “Grow herbs here!  Who cares about the wine rack?” so we obliged.

The light is bought (but not hung), the seeds are bought (and now planted), and we hope to aquire a table at this year’s mud auction.

I had envisioned a long window box turned herb garden but Patrick had other ideas…twelve 6-inch other ideas.  We headed to Walmart and picked out 6 brown clay pots and 6 terracotta clay pots. 

Patrick had envisioned 12 uniform clay pots, I envisioned more character.


Isn’t this so much better than just boring old pots?


Patrick eventually caught the spirit and created a plaid masterpiece.


We did eventually get around to planting our little seeds.  Clearly PJ was finished with the photojournalism by this point.


Since we don’t have our grow table yet, our masterpieces are serving as one huge centerpiece on our dining room table.  Stay tuned…

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