spaghetti sauce recipe instant pot

Healthy Instant Pot Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Have you ever grown a boatload of tomatoes and then wondered what to do with them? You don’t want them to go to waste, but you’re also really, really busy. Canning sounds fun…until you think about blanching and peeling all those tomatoes. This year we made spaghetti sauce for the first time. I use the […]

Asparagus Redemption

#fail. That’s what I thought when I happened to walk around the side of our house a couple weeks ago and saw the above disaster scene. This is evidence that we 1) never got around to clearing out the asparagus bed last fall and 2) let it go to seed before actually harvesting any this […]

Lessons from an Artichoke

We’re kind of accidental, experimental gardeners. A decade ago, we got it in our head that we wanted to grow some veggies. If you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of a “go big or go home” family, so rather than start with a couple tomato and cucumber plants in the modest garden beds around our house, […]

Foto Flashback Friday

The garden has sadly gotten little attention since we opened Cafe Tesfa. The first summer the big kids were home (2013), we let them each plant one of our raised beds. Both big girls grew sweet potatoes (which if you’re going to eat a carb, choose this one).

Top 3 Reasons to Tower Garden

As a 29-year-old entrepreneur Athletic Trainer beginning my own personal training business, starting a new branch of a non profit organization, and living in the coziest of apartments, I can only dream of one day having a garden in my yard. Until…The Juice Plus company told me that the Tower Garden is a healthy option for growing vine-ripened […]

Early Spring Gardening

While there’s still snow in our forecast, it’s past due to think about your spring garden. Last week I put some cool weather root veggies in the ground and covered the bed to retain the heat while the temperatures are still unreliable. If you missed my list of favorite gardening resources last year, check it out […]

2013 Garden Tour

We often get asked, “So what do you grow?” The answer changes a bit every year. Basically we go through a seed catalog and grow what looks fun plus the stuff we know we’ll eat. Earlier this spring we had those early spring things such as beets (upper left), radishes (bottom), and asparagus (upper right). […]