Top 3 Reasons to Tower Garden

As a 29-year-old entrepreneur Athletic Trainer beginning my own personal training business, starting a new branch of a non profit organization, and living in the coziest of apartments, I can only dream of one day having a garden in my yard.

Until…The Juice Plus company told me that the Tower Garden is a healthy option for growing vine-ripened fruits and vegetables–in any space. I have to agree.

To inspire healthy living, both around the world and in my own kitchen, I need things to be brought down to earth in a very applicable way. Like as in, how will this help me TODAY?

Here are 3 Reasons to love the Tower Garden:


It is easy to assemble and maintain in a variety of different places as long as there is sun. The Tower Garden is pretty darn simple. It can grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. You can see a complete list here.


And all of those can be grown in the same place at the same time with watering just 1 Tower Garden. Produce, on my back porch, in 1 place, and I only have to water 1 thing. Additionally, it uses 10% less water and land than soil grown plants.

-Takes up very little space
-Can be placed on a patio, balcony, even rooftops
-Grows up to 20 plants on 1 vertical tower
-Needs no land or dirt
-Grows plants faster, with less water than traditional soil based growing
-And if you ask me, it’s really affordable considering all that it does!


Lastly, who doesn’t want convenient? You have up to 20 plants all in 1 place. You can walk just outside your house, apartment, or office (if you have the authority to place one there) to fresh produce. Everything you need to begin growing your plants is included with the Tower Garden when you order.

Over time, the Tower Garden can save you money as it is designed to last a lifetime. Most people report the Tower Garden ‘pays for itself within 2 years’. The Tower Garden System also has a 12 month installment payment option.

And as a side note, Tower Garden is used in many home schooling organizations as well.

Ready to start growing? Click here.

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