{Classical Conversations} Cycle 3 | Week 17

We’re really simplifying this year. You can see our Game Plan here.
Here are activities I found when we did Cycle 3 last time. The book list has been updated.

History: President Wilson and WWI

Because another Cycle 2 covers WWI more thoroughly (at least in my head), I really wanted to focus on the American involvement rather than the entire War.

Intro: Videos on the Lusitania and German attacks on U.S. Navy boats.

  • Lesson plan for older students (see Lesson Six)
  • Article on last survivor
  • Color countries involved (see map)
  • Listen to lots of books on mp3.  The kids will be super-excited to listen to Kit: An American Girl (all the stories).

Science: Periodic Table

Intro: YouTube video.  WARNING:  He does say “crap” near the beginning.

  • Lesson 9 from Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
  • Periodic Table Game (We’ve already played this and it was great fun!)
  • Tom Lehrer has a song that lists all of the elements alphabetically called “The Elements.

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