Foto Flashback Friday

Our most competitive child has been racing his heart out.  Here’s the play-by-play of his first duathlon. Despite warnings to pace himself, he started strong off the line, heading into the park in second place. He was beat after that first 0.6 miles and had fallen back a few places, but he persevered. It’s helpful when your […]

Day 201

We learned a lot of cool things on our tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Day 200

If you clean out your work area, you may just get motivated enough to do a project.

Day 188

I love when this kid gets creative.  He’s been on a Construx kick lately.  You know he’s proud when he lets me get photographic evidence.

Day 187

I know I’ve said this before, but I really love the Essentials of the English Language that PJ is doing this year through CC.  He just finished a 5 paragraph essay on Ancient Rome and is getting ready to tackle an independent research paper at age 9.  I recently found out that you can enroll […]

Day 185

PJ participated in his first spelling bee.  He got out in the second round spelling “rustick” instead of “rustic.”  He showed great sportsmanship and took away some life lessons for next year’s competition.

Day 174

So maybe a chocolate factory tour was less than considerate given Ty and Grace’s dietary restrictions.  Redeeming factors–1) We learned a lot. 2) Homemade caramel was on the sample list which is not a banned substance. Also, don’t miss the look passing between Grace and PJ.  This pretty much defines their relationship.