{Classical Conversations} Review for Memory Masters

PJ decided early this year that he was up for Memory Masters.  He has an amazing memory.  Because we do all of our memory work to music, he has it all up in his head but sometimes needs a couple notes to recall it.  Unfortunately, he won’t get those cues for proofing so we’ve started doing some review designed to help him with his recall.

Here are some ideas that are working for us.

English Grammar


Head out to your nearest paint center for some samples.  Ours came from Home Depot.  I labelled them with the 13 irregular verbs in the infinitive.  We will laminate them and PJ will practice writing the 4 other tenses on the cards in dry-erase marker or dry-erase crayons or grease pencils.


Laminate a blank multiplication table with two extra rows for squares and cubes.  Practice filling it in while you sing the skip counting songs.


Check out www.sheppardsoftware.com for some great review games.  I’ve also printed out some great maps with blank labels from the Foundations forum.  We stick them in sheet protectors and label with dry-erase crayons or grease pencils so we can re-use them.


We have both the Latin and English of John 1:1-7 printed out in our kitchen and sung to catchy songs.  We sing them together in the morning a couple times of week.  We also sing the first 11 weeks of vocab.  You could also the Latin work for copywork.  PJ’s working through Prima Latina so the John 1:1-7 has been a fantastic vocab exercise.


Click here for a review worksheet we use for the anatomy memory work.


Thanks to our timeline song, PJ can give you any week of cards once he knows the first event.  Therefore, we needed to work on knowing the songs without prompting and knowing them in order.  I made index cards for each week with the first and last card title printed on them domino-style.  Each week, I shuffle them and then he puts them in order.  Then we practice singing the entire timeline with no breaks using the cards as reference.  Lately, I’ve been taking away the first 12 weeks before we sing.


Again, PJ can sing the song once he knows the year.  We made a set of flashcards with just the year and one set with the prompts.  Every week, he matches the prompts to the date.  If there is a friend or sibling as a study partner, they can play Memory with them.  Our rule is that you can’t “win” the pair unless you can sing the correct song for the pair.

Happy Reviewing!


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  2. AmandaApril 3, 2012

    Hi there! I was curious what time line song you are using, and what vocab songs you use? Thanks for your help in this!

    1. MelissaApril 4, 2012

      We used a timeline song I found on YouTube but the timeline for Cycle 1 is changing as CC is producing their own instead of relying on Veritas Press. The other songs we used were all on CC Connected which I highly recommend. It’s an invaluable resource.

  3. misslissaFebruary 29, 2012

    We are using the audio from these videos… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… <http: watch?v=”KmCQ0k_dQ1Y&amp;feature=related” http://www.youtube.com=“”> &feature=related</http:>

  4. Karengill2008February 29, 2012

    Hi!  Love the helps you post on your blog!  What Timeline Song are you using?

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