ABCs at Home: A Kindergarten Curriculum

I’m excited to introduce the curriculum Ty will be using next year (along with Classical Conversations) because, well, I wrote it.  Yeah.  This post is totally to toot my own horn and unashamedly ask you to check it out.  Why?  Because I think it’s great and because it can probably use all the constructive criticism you can throw at it 🙂  Afterall my degree is mechanical engineering…not education.

Wanna check it out? Click here.


  1. BrandyJanuary 11, 2013

    Just wanted to say how much I admire your efforts in creating a kindergarten curriculum! I’m having trouble just USING something (but thankfully I had a three-year-old at the beginning of the year, so I can give myself some slack here). Just wanted to say you are very cool indeed.

    From one former engineer to another,

    1. MelissaJanuary 11, 2013

      That’s so funny. I just noticed this morning that you were an engineer 🙂 We women engineers need to stick together. Did you ever work in industry?

      1. BrandyJanuary 11, 2013

        Yes, I worked in Houston for BP as an offshore drilling & production engineer for the Gulf of Mexico and for ExxonMobil as a drilling engineer for a field in Colorado and then…um…some sort of technical team training-and-streamlining guru, but I don’t even remember what my last title was because I was pregnant with Levi then. lol! But as you can see, after that third child, I never really got back into the engineering thing. I decided to take on much more difficult challenges. I’m sure you can relate! (All the more reason for us engineers-gone-homeschooling-moms to stick together.) So… where did you work?

        And, I got your back, girl. 😉 It can be tough being an engineer-procedure-design-checklist-kind-of-person to figure out preschool. But I am determined! And I am encouraged by all your family-of-five posts – I keep trying to breathe thinking, “Trust-based parenting” (which is a good thing for even biological parents to ponder). Be calm, Brandy, you can do this. And thankfully tomorrow is Saturday.

        And above all else, I’m so thankful that God is still working on me!

        Blessings to you, Melissa!

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