Our Classical Conversations Notebooks

Up until this summer, I would hand out loose papers every morning, and the kids would complete them and turn them in to a bin the kitchen after I checked it.  I would periodically separate papers into binders to create portfolios.

We’re changing it up for next year.  Each child will have a Foundations binder with the following divisions–History, Science, English (for non-Essentials kids), Geography, Latin, and Math.  There will also be some reference pages like a print out of phonograms, a year-at-a-glance calendar, and a print/cursive handwriting reference page.

Here’s what I’m envisioning for each section.

History Timeline-at-a glance, Presidents-at-a-glance, History Highlights   from CC Connected, and any relevant copywork/coloring/activity sheets
Science Science Snippets, lab sheets, and any other relevant papers
English Grammar work for my non-Essentials kids
Geography CC Geography notebook from CC Connected.  Maps in sheet protectors
Latin Chart of conjugations in a sheet protector and paper for copy   work
Math Skip counting or drill sheets and reference pages for Weeks 13   to 24, math curriculum pages from Math Mammoth

My Essentials kids will have a separate Essentials notebook with Gear, blank paper for chart practice, IEW Reference book print out, math games, analytical task sheets, and quid et quo.

To read about our daily schedule, click here.

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  1. Can you please tell me either the file name of the Geography notebook that you referred to or the user name? Thanks!

    • I’m not sure if there’s one for Cycle 3. To be honest, I haven’t check yet. I usually just include a copy of the color map key and blank maps. I also like Half a Hundred Acre Wood’s continent blob packet.

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