{Review} Navigation the Explosion

You all may remember my new friend, Allison, from this year’s Adoption Blogger Interview Project. Today she released a new book called Navigating the Explosion. This books takes the adoptive Mother through the adoption process and life afterwards with encouraging letters from moms who have been there.



As a mom who’s in an “explosion,” I really appreciated the perspective the moms who contributed to the book. They are a group of women who “get it” but still challenged me to not get swept away in the day-to-day challenges of parenting hurt children. Not all of the sections apply to everyone but the letters tend to draw you in and make for a quick read.

Here are some of Allison’s thoughts about the book.

What spurred you to put this book together?

Honestly I think again this is a God thing.  I had written 3-4 letters that I was planning on putting together as a book for a friend to use in her welcome basket.  She found out about the idea and ran with it, and asked others to contribute… I have more letters, so I’m hoping to get book 2 out as I get enough letters.

This book is specifically aimed at women.  Do you have any special advice or encouragement for foster or adoptive fathers?

Honestly while this book is written towards moms there are very few letters that a father couldn’t get just as much from. The reason this book is written for moms is because they are the ones on the battle front almost 100% of the time.  Dads come home and they’ve missed 2/3rds of the day. Moms are usually the ones that get the brunt of a child’s frustration. This being said I would encourage dads to love their wives and always pick their wives’ side.  They will have to live with their wife long after the children are gone.

What other books have helped you through your adoption experience most?

The Great Behavior Breakdown by Bryan Post and Karyn Purvis’ The Connected Child (http://www.empoweredtoconnect.org) have been the most powerful changers in how I parent of my children.  Kisses from Katie helped give me the strength to be different.

Click here to buy a copy of Allison’s book, Navigating the Explosion, and come back to share your favorite part. This also make a great gift for any adoptive family in your life.


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