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We’re heading into our fourth year in Classical Conversations which means this is our second time in Cycle 3. Much has changed since the last time I was thinking about Cycle 3. The amount of kids I’m schooling tripled, and I cut my available school planning by at least twice that. However, I also have increased my understanding and trust in CC which led me to a simpler game plan for this year.

Because Ty needs lots of structure still, he’ll need a little more planning, so we can all stay sane. I was not super-excited about finding time to plan for him which is why I was ecstatic when Colleen at Solagratiamom.com offered me a copy of her Cycle 3 Teaching Plan to review for you all.

First, be sure to read her intro. Neither of us want to promote that all she suggests is necessary. Her grid is filled with suggestions should you (or, more importantly, your kids) want to go deeper. Please, don’t get all Type A (like me, three years ago) and stress you, and your kids, to get “it” all done.

Colleen also publishes a Wonderful Wednesday curriculum containing ideas for hands-on activities. They can be incorporated throughout the week or, as recommended, you could set aside a “fun learning” day. She even has ideas for how to do this as a community or group.

The only thing I wish she had done was left the specific days off of the columns since not all communities meet on Mondays. Headings such as Community Day and At-Home Days 1 through 4 would be better for non-Monday families.

Have you used these Teaching Plans before? How have they worked for you?

Want to enter to win a free set? The bundle includes Teaching Plans, Wonderful Wednesday, and Pin Map printouts.

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DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy in exchange for this post.

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  1. 2nd year in CC, first year as a director! knee deep in planning for this next year! I would love a bundle from SGM, I have looked at it before… love!!

  2. This will be our 2nd year of CC. I just keep reminding myself to keep it simple, especially since my children are young.

  3. First year of CC beginning soon, with four children currently enrolled. Trying to find what will work for us regarding scheduling. Glad to find this!

  4. The audio cds are extremely helpful! It can all be a bit overwhelming, but I just try to do a bit more every year.

  5. Enjoy your children. Keep it simple. You will be amazed at what their little minds absorb. As an Essentials parent, you may be overwhelmed at first. Stick with it! Follow the EEL guide.

  6. We love CC. Trust the CC program, and finds way to make it fun for your kids! It is such an awesome program.

  7. We are new to CC! Overwhelmed by all the information that I am finding and don’t even know where to start my planning! Thanks to all!

  8. With only 1 year under my belt, my best advice is that you do not NEED any of the extra material, worksheets, CD’s, etc. In fact, it is amazing to watch your child simply repeat the information and realize she has learned it on her own without any bells and whistles. She simply used her mind. I went through the first 15 weeks last year and didn’t know anything about CC connected and didn’t order the music CD’s until around that time.

  9. New to CC…I don’t really have a “biggest” question but I always like to ask the seasoned CC parent how a typical school day looks at their house.

  10. I commented before I read the question I was supposed to answer. My biggest tip, especially for someone starting their first year with CC, would be to KEEP IT SIMPLE. My first year, I thought the basics surely couldn’t be enough so I kept adding and adding and I became more and more frustrated. This will be our third year in CC and I’m finally realizing that the program, as is, works. I don’t need to work myself to death. As the kids and I have become more comfortable with CC, I’m finding the best places to go deeper, but at the beginning I think it’s best to get to know CC and take it easy.

  11. Love CC!! Trust the CC model! I am seeing the fruits of our labor now in my oldest who is headed to Challenge 2!! Connect and bond with your CC families for support and encouragement!!

  12. New CC Family…how can I get in all of my 3rd grade son’s work while entertaining my K boy when his work is through??? How do you include your younger children in History and Science?

    • Once my kids are independent readers, I turn them loose and they do most of their work on their own. For history and science, read, read, read, and do fun, hands-on projects…dressing up, cooking food, and field trips!

  13. This is our third year of CC and we love it! I feel like I’m just hitting the surface of the available resources, so I’m sure these would be helpful. So far I’ve just gotten a few things here and there. Love to be entered into the giveaway!

  14. My advice is to enjoy watching your kids grow. They will begin making connections in every day life to some of the memory work and it’s so much fun to see the “light bulb” go on! 🙂

  15. i guess what i would say to a new CC family ::::
    Is ok to let go –
    YES less is more –
    Breathe –
    YES Learning can be FUN –
    Learning can happen all day,in any place or situation-
    Is going to be and awesome year !!!

  16. Yes, I have used these before and really enjoy having extras available resources at my fingertips. There is no way we could complete all (or most) of the suggested activities simply due to time constraints, but we do love the extra fun in our learning!

  17. This would be wonderful! I dont have a lot of planning time this year! It would be a blessing!

  18. Best tip I can give going into our fourth year as well is to keep it simple! Add a little at a time. Don’t add just to be doing “enough” (because as has been said, CC is enough!). Wait to be inspired before beginning to add. That way you will have in mind how you want it to work and will have a good idea how you think it could work in your home. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  19. It’s the small things that have been most valuable to us: purchasing the pre-printed, laminated flashcards for each cycle, getting durable removable sticky tabs for my foundations guide, using a system so that me review just 20-30 minutes a day, having a large portable CD case for our collection of audio CDs.

  20. My best time is…Don’t over do it. You do not need to supplement for every subject. The memory work is enough.

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