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{Classical Conversations} Cycle 3 | Week 4

We’re really simplifying this year. You can see our Game Plan here. Also check out our U.S. Capitals State Tour.

Here are activities I found when we did Cycle 3 last time. In additional to the books listed, I also suggest checking out the books associated with this week’s Geography here.


This will be Week 2 of our Revolutionary War Unit.  You can find those activities here.

Science: Nervous System, Senses, Brain

Intro: http://kidshealth.org/kid/htbw/htbw_main_page.html
I have the kids listen to the audio of the article after we watch the video.

  1.  Make a model of the spinal cord (Lesson 3).  I’m considering making Sculpey vertebrae instead of tracking down wooden spools.
  2. Knee Jerk Reaction (Lesson 5).
  3. You’ve Got Nerves (Appendix I) and The Ruler Drop (Appendix J)
  4. Model a Brain (if we have time)
  5. Optical Illusions (pages 40 and 41) and a Model Eardrum (page 42) of Senses (Kingfisher Young Knowledge) .

Additional resource: I totally forgot to mention this last week but we’re listening to the corresponding song from Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 – The Human Body for each organ system.

Additional books we’ll have laying around…

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