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{Classical Conversations} Cycle 3 | Week 13

We’re really simplifying this year. You can see our Game Plan here.

Here are activities I found when we did Cycle 3 last time. The book list has been updated.


History: 14th Amendment and Civil Rights

We’re going to take a similar approach to Civil Rights that we took with the second week of our Civil War unit–study some of the key people.

Susan B. Anthony (Right to Vote)

  1. Read a book about her.
  2. Coin rubbing.
  3. Song (Appendix B).

Jackie Robinson (Baseball)

  1. Read a book about him.
  2. Do some baseball drills.
  3. Identify African American athletes in other sports as an illustration of the example Jackie set.
  4. Collect baseball equipment for under privileged children.

Rosa Parks

  1. Read a book about her.
  2. Song (Appendix M).

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the dream for equal rights for all

  1. Read a book about him.
  2. Craft (Appendix Q).

Other Related Activities

  1. Vocabulary copywork (page 33).
  2. Timeline (Appendix D).
  3. Who Am I? (Appendix T).
  4. Assessment.

Science: Intro to Chemistry and Apparatus

Because Week 12-24’s science sentences don’t make for a great outline like the first semester’s did, I’m writing our curriculum around the units in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  I’ll try to post alternative activities if you don’t have the book, but I highly recommend it as a reference and great teaching tool.

Intro: Read pages 5 to 7 (Intro) and 13 to 15 (Apparatus) or watch this (I’d start 20 seconds in).

  1. Find things around your house that have chemicals.  You can do this virtually here.
  2. Identify lab equipment. (+)
  3. Interactive quiz on lab equipment.  You could use this in your intro section as well.
  4. Label lab equipment.
  5. Practice reading a meniscus in a variety of measuring containers (i.e. pyrex measuring cup, medicine spoon, dropper, etc).

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  1. BrandyDecember 27, 2011

    Great stuff!  Thanks for sharing your plans!  I'll be passing the weekly resource baton to you this semester.  Blessings for a great 2012!

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