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{Classical Conversations} Cycle 3 | Week 14

We’re really simplifying this year. You can see our Game Plan here.
Here are activities I found when we did Cycle 3 last time. The book list has been updated.

History: Industrial Revolution

Intro: You have your pick–trusty YouTube or any of the 70+ videos found here.

I loosely picked activities around this lesson plan.

  • Research an inventor or invention or a few. The worksheet will work for older kids and younge kids can do a coloring sheet or oral presentation to a family member.  Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of invetors and inventions.
  • Give each child a shoebox of materials such as glue, tape, scissors, rubber bands, small plastic containers, and cardboard tubes and have them create an invention and then explain it.
  • Do this assembly line activity.  Alternatives can be found here.  While your working, talk about workplace conditions and how they’ve improved over the years.

Science: Elements and Matter*

*Remember I’m not really following the memory work for science this semester.  More on that and a more comprehensive Amazon widget are here.

Elements are explained on page 29 of Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  Matter is explained on page 21 and Lesson 22 covers states of matter.

If you don’t have the book (or even if you do), there are a couple great experiment/activity books on the states of matter below.

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