Why “Homeschool” isn’t “School at Home”

January 24-30 is National School Choice Week. Maybe you’re considering homeschooling but are intimidated by that “school” word or can’t imagine fighting your child ALL. DAY. LONG. to do what he does in school.

homeschool school at home

I have fantastic news for you! Homeschool is not actually school (as you envision the institutional variety) at home. It’s more like education that has the home and family unit as a base. We don’t sit at desks, and I become more of a tutor than a teacher once the kids can read independently. They kids have a checklist to work through and pretty much only come find me to have something checked or to ask a question. We also do not have as much structure and schedule as school, and we certainly do NOT spend 6 or more hours doing school…or do we?

School can be anything anywhere. This is where counting the hours can get tricky. PJ is getting ready to take a hunting class, but it will happen on evenings and weekends long after traditional schooling hours are over. Mia will start sewing washable feminine hygiene products for women in developing countries. She’ll probably do them in her “free” time. Health…check. We’re getting ready to take a 4 day trip to Houston during a week the kids are “off,” but you can figure we’ll all learn something. Listening to great literature in the car? Definitely school and definitely happens for more hours than most kids are in school. We drive a LOT!

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Homeschool is not the battle you fight to get homework done every night multiplied by 8. It’s having your child during the best part of his day and meeting him where he is educationally, socially, and emotionally. Homeschool is not necessarily having a child, or children, attached to you all the time. It’s teaching everyone health space and time boundaries. Homeschool is not forcing your child into a curriculum or making her do busy work. It’s the flexibility to change what’s not working to something better and to craft experiences that are meaningful and educational.

If you’re a homeschooler, how is your homeschool different than school at home?

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