3 Healthy Meals in a Bowl

For all the things that are challenging about setting up our youngest for success, he's a great eater. We moved to him to a mostly grain-free, Paleo-ish diet a couple years ago for reasons that could be an entirely different post. Let's suffice it to say that I think this is a generally healthy way to eat, and Patrick and I tend more toward this way of eating. While most folks think they could never give up grains, I prefer to focus on what we can eat--grass-fed meat (including bacon), veggies, seeds, bacon, fruits, nuts, eggs, and, almost forgot, bacon. Clearly you're catching on to why you should eat this way...bacon (the free-range uncured kind whenever possible). 

With all the chaos of the last four years, the first thing to go was me cooking family meals. I moved to supplying the basics in the cupboard and fridge and fixing food for mostly just Ty and me. The rest were kind of on their own. Since Ty is only allowed to eat basically what I eat, it works. I'm really not big on recipes, so this is not a step-by-step post on how to recreate what's in the photos. Think of them more like inspiration.


*We're not really a family that distinguishes "breakfast" food from any other food. We eat leftovers for breakfast and pancakes for dinner on a regular basis.


This particular breakast has eggs, so I guess it's more breakfast-y than some things we find in our bowls in the morning 🙂 I started by stir frying baby spinach, onions, and mushrooms with fresh garlic in a healthy scoop of grass-fed butter. That went on top of some leftover Chinese food rice (clearly we're not religiously Paleo) and was topped with a fried egg. As I'm looking at the picture, it screaming, "I need fresh tomatoes." That would add some color and temperature contrast. Yum.



When I do "cook" for the family, it's often just a large batch of meat that people do what they want with. Taco meat is a staple around here. On this particular day, breakfast was taco meat served hot and topped with salsa and peppers. If you can tolerate dairy, a dollop of sour cream or some shredded cheese would work too. I like the hot/cold contrast. Sometimes this bowl also gets fresh spinach mixed in or I serve the hot meat on stop of a BBQ Ranch chopped salad.



Chopped salads are probably my favorite foundation for a bowl of leftovers. I really love the crunch. This is an Asian chopped salad topped with leftover Asian-inspired steak. I love to marinate my meat in hydrogen peroxide. It sounds weird, but makes for really tender meat. Seeds or nuts would've been fun in this bowl as an addition.

So now you know what a typical day looks like for us grain-free folks. Not bad really. Sadly this particular day didn't include bacon, but rest assured we eat a lot of bacon. 

Do you ever throw together a meal in a bowl? What do yours include?

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