Foto Flashback Friday

Life these days is very full (read: busy). It’s mostly a good busy though. I’ve been more intentional about what I say, “Yes,” to, and I’ve pruned some things that I was doing out of obligation instead of purpose and calling. I’m part of a business group who is being coached by the amazing Amy Walker, and she’s challenging us to partner with time rather than fight against it. I’m always surprised by how a subtle shift in mindset can have amplified outcomes across life.

I was looking for a photo I took this fall when I came to the realization that I have a ton of unedited photos of life and for intended blog posts hanging out on my SD card and hard drive. The paradox of blogging is that when there’s a lot going on in life to blog about, there’s also no time to blog.

However, without further ado, here’s the latest installment of Foto Flashback Friday.

A couple months ago, Patrick and Mia finally joined PJ and me as Black Belts.

Their demonstration of skills test started with kicking drills. I spent a lot of time trying to get a photo where they looked in sync.

20161014 black belt_02

Then there was forms. Those don’t make great photos, so I bring you breaking.

20161014 black belt_29

Yelling is an imperative part of technique and also practical martial arts practice. Clearly, Patrick has this part down. He could probably get a second degree belt just for his yelling.

20161014 black belt_30

20161014 black belt_38

Sparring is my least favorite, and, now, Patrick’s least favorite since it usually involves getting injured.

20161014 black belt_56

They did a lot of rounds, eventually sparring everyone in the group and even doing some 2-on-1 rounds.

20161014 black belt_64

I wouldn’t mess with Mia. I know she seems sweet and docile when she’s sitting in her room crafting, but she definitely held her own against these two boys.

20161014 black belt_69

My theory is that the 4 weeks of non-stop, 2 hour training sessions leading up to the formal demo are the real test because Master Chung already has new do-boks and belts to present right after the final demonstration.

20161014 black belt_84

It was kind of a whim when I suggested 5 years ago that we should try out Tae Kwon Do as a family. Never imagined we would add 3 new kids to our membership and actually have some of us make it to Black Belt. The journey has not been without challenges and road blocks (our original goal was 3 years to Black Belt), but I’m super thankful for our TKD family.

20161014 black belt_88


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